School Clubs

Here at Henry Bradley we are proud to be able to offer clubs for all the children to participate in.

Multi Sports Club
This is every Monday after school. It is run by an external company, Premier Education Group. The club is open to all pupils from Reception through to Year 2 (not Nursery). The club offers a wide range of activities including gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, throwing and catching, cricket, obstacle courses and team games. There is a termly charge for the club which is paid directly to Premier Education Group.

Book Club
Book Club runs on two different days. Every Wednesday for Nursery children, and every Friday for Reception to Year 2 children. Age appropriate books are available for the children to buy. The book may be purchased over a period of a few weeks with the child bringing in an amount chosen by the parent each week, or it can be paid for in full. There is no limit to the amount of books a child can buy. The price of the books ranges from £1.50 - £4.50.

Mad Science Club

This is provided by an external company, Mad Science Inc. It is only offered once per academic year and for one term. The days and dates are published nearer to the time of the club being run. The club is open to all pupils from Reception through to Year 2 (not Nursery). There is a charge for the club that is paid directly to Mad Science Inc.