Head Teacher's Statement

Here at Henry Bradley Nursery & Infant School we pride ourselves on being warm and friendly. We welcome visitors and we are always looking for ways to involve parents/carers and our wider school community in school life.

We have an open door policy where parents and carers are able to come in and talk openly about their child’s progress and how we can work in partnership to ensure the best provision.

We are always looking to see how we can develop and progress to ensure all of the children in our care have the opportunity to reach their full potential in a warm and nurturing environment.

I would like to encourage parents to visit Ofsted through the link provided and place your support for the hard work we do through the parent voice facility. Your kind remarks and support are always welcome.

If you are a prospective parent, please take the opportunity to navigate through our website, but more importantly, please take the opportunity to come and see us in person. I would welcome the opportunity to show you round our vibrant school, introduce you to our caring staff and happy, engaging children, and let you experience for yourself what a wonderful school we have.


Cliff Hadley

Chair of Governor's Statement

Dear Parents and Friends,


On behalf of the Governing board I'd like to extend a welcome to Henry Bradley Nursery and Infant School.


At our school we seek to build a friendly relaxed atmosphere, while maintaining good standards of learning and growth.


As Governors we work alongside staff to ensure good financial management of the school, to maintain and develop the learning environment, promote pupil safety, and we are involved in staff appointments. Our most important role is ensuring that the children who attend our school are happy, healthy and that they get the most out of their time with us.


As a father of two, my wife and I chose to send both of our children to Henry Bradley Nursery and Infant School, where they have flourished and been supported and encouraged wonderfully.

I am happy to discuss any matter relating to the school with parents, but I would encourage parents to first raise any concerns or issues with our friendly and approachable Headteacher. As parents, staff and governors we can work together to ensure that at Henry Bradley Nursery and Infant School we provide the best school environment and experience for our children and for future generations.


Rev'd Daniel Cooke, Chair of Governors

At Henry Bradley Nursery & Infant School our children sit at the heart of everything we do. By working together as a whole school community we encourage and guide everyone to become life long learners and Reach for the Stars.



We expect our children to achieve their maximum potential through:



Respecting and caring for themselves and others around them; being responsible, caring and forward thinking citizens


Enjoyment & Excellence

Enjoying learning and growing as an independent member of our community; striving for Excellence in all that they do


Aiming & Achieving

Aiming high; being aspirational in their goals and achieving all they want to achieve



Having the confidence to Reach for the Stars and realise their full potential in a supportive and safe environment


Harmonious Relationships

Building life long friendships in a community that celebrates each others successes

Our Vision & Ethos