RSHE Education

At Henry Bradley Nursery Infant School, we believe in teaching children about healthy relationships with friends and family, developing a good understanding of what healthy future relationships can look like.  We work hard to ensure all our children are taught how to be healthy and safe in their lives and choices they make; this includes recognising and forming positive life sustaining relationships with others both in the real and virtual world. We invite you to be part of our consultation regarding our R.S.E. curriculum. 

 Below are two documents for you to look at;

  • Our proposed RSHE policy

  • Primary framework curriculum for RSHE (Please bear in mind that primary expectations takes the curriculum to Year 6, we do not need to go into a lot of depth as our children are so young. See our policy for further details.) 

If you could look at both of the documents and if you have any comments or questions for our review please email the school office at, before October 22nd 2021.  

Any questions or comments will be kept and reviewed, with responses being sent as a summary of feedback after this date. 

Thanks in advance.