Staff | henry-bradley-school


We have a very warm, friendly and experienced team of staff who
ensure the children have the best education and opportunities to learn
along with having fun during the school day, whilst still meeting all
requirements of the National Curriculum. Within the staffing team we
have team members who have had many years teaching at the school,
and some who have joined us in more recent years. It is because of this
that we are very proud to offer a wide range of approaches and skills in
how to provide a good education to the children.

Mr. Cliff Hadley

Deputy Head Teacher
Mrs. Andrea Callaghan

Year 2 Teachers
Mrs. Sue Scott
Mr. Simon Poole

Year 1 Teachers
Mrs. Ruth Corker
Miss Ellie Wigg
Mrs. Rebecca Linton

Reception Teachers
Mrs. Gen Foster
Mrs. Andrea Callaghan
Mrs. Emma Wilmer

Nursery Teachers
Mrs. Jemma Walsh
Miss Rachel Dickens
Mrs. Sarah Griffiths

Teaching Assistants
The teaching assistants provide invaluable support throughout the
school and they have the skill and ability to support children with their
learning needs.

Mrs. Olwyn Fitches, Mrs. Deborah Nunns,

Mrs. Lisa Hibbert, Mrs. Emily Stockton, Mrs Joanne Allen

Year 1:

Mrs. Michelle Gilbert, Mrs. Clare Glover, Mrs. Fiorita McGowan

Year 2:
Ms. Helenna Fleet, Mrs. Jane Lucas, Mrs. Kath Hill

Across School:
Mrs. Kerry Khalill, Mrs. Katherine Cheswick

Midday Supervisors
We have a wonderful team of midday supervisors who not only assist
the children with their food at lunchtime, but interact with the children in
various play activities, whilst also looking out for any children who may
need extra support.

Mrs Julie Machin
Mrs Michelle Gilbert
Mrs Robyn Layton
Mrs Steph Ludlam
Mrs Paula Dixon
Mrs Kathy Fullwood
Mrs Emma Thacker
Mrs Suzanne Phillips

Our caretaker, Mr. Julian Haslam, ensures the school is clean and tidy
for us every day as well as managing maintenance and the upkeep of
the school.

The office team, Mrs. Dianne Norton and Mrs. Jenny Verovkins, in the
office provide all the background skills needed to keep the school
running smoothly. They are also the first people who will greet you as
you enter the school building.

Our cleaner, Ms. Sharon Herring, does a fabulous job every day;
clearing the classrooms and communal areas to ensure the school is
ready for the next day.

In addition to all of the above-listed staff we work with Chesterfield
College to provide opportunities for their students to work in schools as
part of their studies. There will be occasions when college students are
present in the school and working with the children in the classrooms.
We also have supply teachers who come and work with us to ensure we
are able to provide the best level of education possible to your child.
If at any time you are not sure of who a person is at school please ask
them. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, ask a member of staff
and they will be happy to help you.

Open Door Policy

We operate an Open Door Policy which means that if at any point in
your child's time at Henry Bradley you wish to talk to a member of staff,
you can. You can speak directly to your child's teacher, the Headteacher
or Deputy Headteacher. Depending on the nature of the topic you wish
to discuss it may be suggested that you make an appointment. This will
be to allow you to have a proper conversation with the teacher without
other parents around or the teacher being bound by the school start or
finish times.