Meet Our Staff

Headteacher/ Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Tracy O'Malley

Deputy Head Teacher/Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead/Class Teacher
Mrs. Andrea Callaghan

SENCo/Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead/Class Teacher

Mr Simon Poole



Mrs Harrop

Miss Rachel Dickens

Mrs Foster

Mrs Walsh

​Mrs Scott

Mrs Corker

Mrs Wilmer

Teaching and Learning Assistants
Ms Paula Dixon

Mrs Fiorita McGowan

Mrs Khalill

Mrs Cheswick

Mrs Allen

Mrs Hibbert

Mrs Ludlam

Ms Fleet

Mrs Marsden

Miss Williams

Mrs Glover


Pastoral Support Worker

Ms Gilbert


Breakfast Club and After School Club Staff

Mrs Ludlam

Mrs Marsden

Midday Supervisors
Mrs Machin
Mrs Gilbert
Ms Mullen
Mrs McGowan
Mrs Thacker

Mrs Hadden

Mr Harrison

School Business Officer

Mrs Norton


Ms Sharon Herring

Open Door Policy

We operate an Open Door Policy which means that if at any point in
your child's time at Henry Bradley you wish to talk to a member of staff,
you can. You can speak directly to our Pastoral Support Worker, your child's teacher, the Headteacher.

Depending on the nature of the topic you wish
to discuss it may be suggested that you make an appointment. This will
be to allow you to have a proper conversation with the teacher without
other parents around or the teacher being bound by the school start or
finish times.