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Reach for the Stars

Bee Class (Nursery)

Autumn 1 2023

The children in Nursery have done really well and have settled quickly into the daily routine. They have enjoyed exploring the different areas both inside and outside. We are learning to share and take care of resources in provision. Singing songs to helps with tidying up and washing hands. 

Term 1 Newsletter

Term 5 

This term in Bee Class we have enjoying the warmer weather (finally!).  We have been talking about seasonal changes and why we need hats and sun cream as the weather gets hotter. We have enjoyed playing outside and making up new games with our friends. We have been trying really hard to hold a golf club appropriately and hit it down our track. 

We have been focussing on subitising and representing amounts in different ways. We have been learning how to use our fingers to show amounts and find other ways to show the same amount using our fingers. 

In phonics we have been learning about alliteration and voice sounds. We have been identifying when 2 objects have the same initial sound and we have been experimenting with different ways of using our voices. 

We have also been working hard on learning our song and sign of the week. We are now fantastic at Makaton signs! 

We also had special visitors; tortoises called Clementine and Matilda. They had very bumpy shells and we were very gentle with them. We all had a stroke and were very brave with a new experience. 

Also we have some caterpillars in nursery. We have used magnifying glasses to look at their features. We have talked about the way they move and what they will grow into. We can't wait to see what they look like when we get back after the holidays. It reminds us of one of our favourite stories. Can you guess which one? 

Term 4

This term we have been focussing on being kind to our friends and how to say what we need or want. We have been working on taking turns and negotiating when we are playing. We have also enjoy the snow and made snowmen! 

In phonics we have been thinking about rhyming words and how we know they rhyme (because the words sound the same at the end). We have been playing rhyming pairs and identifying rhyming words in our stories. 

In maths we have been thinking about how to count carefully and used magic wands to help us accurately count objects that we can't move. 

We also took part in World Book Day and dressed up. We enjoyed finding lots of fruit and feeding the Very Hungry Caterpillar outside. He ate a LOT of fruit! 

We also had a very special visitor on the last day of term. 

Term 3 

Another busy term here in Bee Class! We have been practising our physical skills this term to ensure we have the skills we need for mark making, writing and getting ready for school next year. 

We have also been extending our box modelling and thinking about how to create a desired outcome. 

In maths we have been focussing on how to show different representations of the same number. The Numberblocks have been helping us to find small numbers hidden in larger amounts. We have also been practising our subitising. 

In phonics we have been working on body percussion and rhythm and rhyme. We have been keeping to a beat, making different body sounds, performing our own body sound dances and learning new rhymes. 

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

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Term 2 


We have been busy Bees this term!


We have explored colour mixing, retold some of our favourite stories (3 Little Pigs), learnt new songs, practising subitising and rehearsed for our Christmas concert. 


We have also loved playing in the snow this week. We have been exploring what happens to snow when we squeeze it, scrape it, clap with it and jump on it. 

Term 1


We have been so busy in Bee class this term! We have settled into school life, met new teachers and staff, made friends and learnt about the routines in school.


This term in our learning we have been focussing on making a strong start to our personal, social and emotional development. We have been taking turns, learning how to ask for what we want and starting to build friendships. We have been focussing on environmental sounds in phonics and we have started Monster Phonics in line with upper school. We have also been focussing on sharing stories and retelling our favourites!