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Reach for the Stars




At Henry Bradley we want all children to develop the characteristics of scientists. We believe a scientist to be able to think and raise questions about bodies of scientific knowledge and have the confidence and competence in a full range of practical investigative skills.

  • To think independently and raise questions
  • To be confident in and competent at planning scientific investigations.
  • Have excellent scientific knowledge and understanding which can be demonstrated verbally and in writing
  • Solve challenging problems and report scientific findings
  • Undertake practical work (including fieldwork) in a variety of contexts
  • Have a passion for Science and its’ application in past, present and future technologies


The Henry Bradley Science Curriculum has been designed around our belief that LEARNING IS A CHANGE TO LONG TERM MEMORY. We are a KNOWLEDGE ENGAGED SCHOOL, that is, we will provide our pupils with both knowledge and skills. We believe that doing things helps the pupils understand things and that understanding things helps you do things. With this in mind and SPACE REPETITION built in, our curriculum is built around working scientifically across bodies of knowledge in Physics, Biology and Chemistry.

Threshold Concepts

WORKING SCIENTIFICALLY threads through all of our concepts.

The children will be able to:

  • Ask simple questions
  • Observe closely using simple equipment
  • Perform simple tests
  • Identify and classify
  • Use observations and ideas to suggest answers to questions
  • Gather and record data to help in answering questions

If you would like further information, please the long term plan below.