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Early Help Offer

As a small, nurturing Nursery and Infant School, we pride ourselves on our strong relationships with parents. We ensure that we take the time to build relationships with all parents, subsequently our parents feel comfortable in talking to us openly. This allows us to provide support to the parents/the whole family, the child/children.

This support could involve (this is not exhaustive), support is given on a case by case basis;

1:1 time with children focusing on addressing any issues or providing vital emotional support

Interventions for children

Follow up meetings with other professionals in school, such as the SENCo.

Signposting parents to different services, such as Qwell

Simply listening, giving parents time to talk through any problems

Referring to Early Help

Referring to other agencies


Early Help Referral

The Early Help Team supports families, children and young people to overcome difficulties and build their resilience so that problems do not escalate. Supporting children and families to thrive, live and engage happily in their communities.

If school identifies a number of emerging issues at the Early Help Assessment they will arrange a meeting with parents/carers to discuss the issues and complete a Derbyshire Early Help assessment. This will formally identify with parents/carers the main concerns that school has, and identify next steps and actions to improve things for the child/children. Other professionals such as the Health Visitor or School Nurse may be invited to such meetings where appropriate. Where it is known that children have siblings at other schools/settings, representatives from these schools/settings may also be invited to attend. Other professionals as appropriate, could also be invited. The aim of this process is to ensure the concerns are addressed and the situation improves for children. As such, follow up meetings will be held. Where the concerns identified have been addressed, in consultation with other professionals and parents/carers the early help process can finish. If through this process, concerns remain or are not being addressed, a referral could be made to Derbyshire Starting Point for Multi-agency team or social care support where their thresholds are met.