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Reach for the Stars

Bear Class (Y1)

Term 1 Newsletter

Bear Class 2023-24 

Term 4

In Term 4 we went to Graves Park. We wanted to spot some signs of Spring and to have an experience that the children could write a recount about. We fed the farm animals and compared baby animals to their parents. After lunch we visited the playground and lake area. We had a wonderful time!


Term 2


Bear Class had an absolutely fantastic time at Weston Park Museum on our recent visit there! We started off in the 'What on Earth!' gallery where we met Spike the woolly rhino and Snowy the polar bear. We then headed to 'Sheffield Life and Times' where we looked at what houses used to look like, inside and out and we all enjoyed looking at toys throughout history. Finally, we finished in the 'Beneath Your Feet' exhibition where we saw Anglo Saxon weapons, hidden Roman treasure and had the opportunity to go in a replica Iron-Age roundhouse.

Term 1


Bear Class had a fantastic time at the English Institute of Sport taking part in a Qualitas Multiskills event with other schools. 


The coach that led the event said the following: 'Children all came together to take part in a variety of exciting activities all designed to target a specific fundamental movement. Qualitas coaches led children to play shooting stars, a game designed to improve agility whilst allowing the children to imagine they are rockets flying through space, but also allow them to practice throwing a ball at a moving target. Similarly, flip the hoop allows children to practice throwing a bean bag to a stationary target, the target moving further away when they land the bean bag in the hoop and flip it over. Children worked on their coordination whilst learning a new dance routine and whilst they played tennis with balloons. Through playing a variety of tig games and relays children were able to develop their agility. Children were able to develop all their fundamental movements in such a short space of time, all whilst having lot of fun and with a smile on their face.'